Technology and Expertise

Christopher is a founder of Entrasoft, and has over two decades of experience in bringing technical products to users.

He is also founder of Architexa where he spearheads the growth of marketing and sales initiatives.   Architexa provides developers with sophisticated tools for understanding java code. 

Previously, Christopher has been CTO of Tambora, VP Product Management at CADNexus. Chris has software development expertise in C/C++, Corba, Java, Matlab, PHP, and eCommerce, and has built commercial iOS and Android apps. 

Holds a BS in Math/Physics from Keene State College, an MS Electrical Engineering at Tufts, and was a Graduate Special Student at Harvard.

email: info@entrasoft.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Entrasoft

Entrasoft provided the web site and technical expertise to power a University of Vermont study on alcohol use among students.  We are happy that we are able to help.


Entrasoft was founded in 1996. Our intent was to attempt to generate internet-based experiences that engaged the user much like the best computer and video games. Today we work on mobile and social applications and help young software start ups get to market as efficiently as possible.

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